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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 99 Free drinks for September 1st.... Aug 31st

The first of our last three sea days and a fairly normal pattern – almost.  As instructed, I changed the clocks, watches and cameras back one hour before retiring.  Sometime in the night, a printed note was pushed under our door but even though I knew it was there, I ignored it until getting up in the light. Someone had goofed with the time change and we had to shift all the clocks forward again... So, it wasn’t 7:20am at all, it was 8:20!  As some passengers (and several crew it seems) either didn’t get the message or only found the note in their external pigeon holes, there was a degree of confusion for a while.

Too late for bowls and yesterday’s blog wouldn’t upload as the internet was so busy, so dance class was the first event.  A revision of the Latin dances and that included the merengue, Argentine tango and cha-cha.  A photo call tomorrow at class too, plus at some stage, a tea dance before Auckland. We get the feeling that we have to be on our toes with our scheduling for the next two days...

We also had a note to say that the NZ customs/immigration/MAF were going to do some processing on board so we have an appointment for 9:30am tomorrow, complete with our paperwork and also the goods we wish to declare.  Great.   Well done NZ.  (We believe Australia will do the same between Auckland and Sydney.)

After dance, we mooched around the buffet but opted instead to share a pizza. An excellent light choice. (I thought I was very disciplined by not having my normal massive calzone...)  At 3pm, we were invited to a suite at the rear of deck 9 for drinks, by larger than life (French) Cecile, who managed to gather 4 Germans, 3 Australians and ourselves, to enjoy champagne and nibbles.

We had to leave for the quiz where once again we were only a couple of points away from victory, but Garry & Joanne, plus Arnold & Ros dragged us up to the buffet, (kicking and screaming of course) where we enjoyed an afternoon toasted sandwich... So much for the light eating day - again.

A hot spa followed where we learned that yesterday’s evening medical emergency was due to a lady’s pacemaker playing up. Relief that it wasn’t too serious.

A full table and once again, Maurizio had done us proud.  We had earlier asked about having a Filipino dish as our main meal.  This was a nice tasty chicken and pork dish called (I think) adobo, with rice and bok choy.  (My spell checker doesn’t like that.)

To the atrium as usual for Alan & Alana’s general knowledge quiz.  Entertaining as always.  Alan informed us there would be another “Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery ‘Radio’ Show” on Saturday evening. Yippee!  This was a highlight of an earlier sector and as the word has no doubt got around, the Vista lounge is bound to be packed.

They didn’t finish singing and playing until 11:40pm to an enthusiastic group of so many couples that dancing a waltz was difficult as floor space is very much at a premium.   This time, we were assured that the clock would indeed go back 1 hour and forwards `1 day, as we cross the International Date Line.  This will put us on the same day as NZ making it seem as though we are almost home.  Paula has started her packing. Strange how we left with three cases containing a load of stuff for the UK but I think we now have more...


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