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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 98 Rainbows in Apia - Aug 30th

Quite a clunky arrival as we woke just as the ship was doing a 180, with a plethora of strange noises, thumps and rumbles.  Our last port and mixed feelings.  The weather was a bit changeable with the occasion tropical showers throughout the day.  It was ‘one of those days’ for the ship’s crew as before we’d even finished breakfast, there was an ‘Alpha Tango’ call for the medics to go to deck 14, just outside the buffet on the open deck.  We believe that someone slipped over (the decks can tend to be a bit dodgy after the rain) and either broke a hip or a leg, depending on which grapevine you subscribe to.
Apparently there was an impressive musical welcome – on the starboard side, so we missed that!  Our port side cabin means that we get a 50/50 chance of dockside entertainment, musical and otherwise.
We stepped off with absolutely no dramas at all and once again, question why the Americans have to make life so difficult for inbound tourists and waste so much precious land time.  With so many ports in such a short time period, disembarkation varies from the breezy to the diabolical.  This was really breezy.
The dock had a few local stalls but prices didn’t seem to be too good.  Most of us didn’t purchase local currency (again) so $6 US for a shot glass for example, was probably the highest price on the whole trip!  It was a pleasant warm walk around the harbour into town, being mildly accosted by taxi drivers most of the way.  We passed the famous “Aggie Greys” (the large building pic 2) on our trek and also passed the setting up of a cultural and tourism festival, with several food and craft stalls.
Apia is not a large town and we were quite content just to amble in and out again, not being keen students of history, museums, galleries tombs and the like.  We found an extremely pleasant cafe where we could sit and enjoy superb smoothies.  Paula’s was pineapple, banana and lime whilst mine was the tropical, that included papaya and a little lime, but I can’t remember what the third ingredient was! The cafe happily accepted $5US for each drink and that concluded our spending.  Prices on many goods seemed higher than we expected but I suspect that was due to their conversion calculations putting in a margin, as the banks also seemed to be taking a massive commission on exchange rates.
By the time we got back on board, our clothes were soaked (perspiration not rain) so a quick change and to the Horizon Court to graze.  Rather nice crumbed flounder and small crumbed scallops plus ratatouille and what was billed as a ratatouille soup, but wasn’t!
For once we skipped the quiz and enjoyed the first of two sailaways.  Two?
After the first, we hopped into the spa and over the tannoy came the message that due to a medical emergency, we were heading back.  The patient was transferred to a pilot boat thankfully, otherwise we would have lost more than an hour. As yet, the rumour mill hasn’t generated any answers other than no stretcher was used and the person we believe to be the ‘patient’, walked on.
The Australians were noticeable by their absence from the ‘International’ dining room menu and we feasted on goodies such as rack of veal. For the first time on the cruise, I had to send back the veal as it was way undercooked, as was Anthea’s rib beef.  Easily remedied and the replacements were just perfect.
Vista entertainer was Mike Harris. A good show but like a previous entertainer, made a joke about Camilla Parker Bowles being really ugly.  Sorry guys, I totally disagree but maybe a look in the mirror wouldn’t go amiss.  Because someone isn’t a plastic raving beauty doesn’t make them ugly.  To compound it, the cruise staff member summing up the show agreed with the comic’s comment.
We did our usual coffee in the atrium but Alana and Alan were doing a sing-along, and this was still in full swing with an almost full house.   They closed with “Now is the Hour”, “We’ll Meet Again” and finally, “Auld Lang Syne”.  Good to get these sad songs out of the way before the last night, as we fully expect some quite emotional farewells on Saturday night.
Bed late (midnight) and a message to put the clocks back yet again.
Well, that is almost it.  Just three sea days and we are home.  Not a lot more to blog now, but once things have settled down at home, I’ll possibly do a summary of sorts.  There are a few events to look forward to on board but now it is time to try and organise the packing.   Oh, deep joy....

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