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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well and truly at sea May 27th 28th 29th.

OK I know, a couple of days late but a couple of reasons for that.  The first is that I was not only still suffering with the shoulder but was also a bit off colour.  Friday 27th wasn’t  too bad but Saturday and Sunday, the lack of sleep through the pain finally caught up with me and I was definitely one degree under. 
FRIDAY 27th May – at sea 
We managed Alana’s dance classes and she really is an excellent teacher for beginners, but there are several attendees who can dance.  Having started the cha-cha on day one, it was on to the basic waltz for day two.  By the end of the session she had most people able to do the basics and a turn in either 4 steps or 8.  The floor is very crowded and the growth in popularity of dancing has probably caught the cruise ships on the hop, as nowhere on this ship is what could be described as a dance floor.  Pockets of hard wood or marble abound, but most are ringed by carpet and are not really large enough for ballroom dancing.  
Our afternoon quiz session was the usual mix of easy questions with a few tough ones thrown in. Although the make-up of our team wasn’t the same as the previous day, we slipped back to 13/20 – but we enjoyed it anyway. 
The excitement was that Friday was our first formal night, so on with the best bib and tucker for most people.   It is of course an option to eat in the buffet, Italian or burger grill if you don’t want to dress up.  Needless to say, our table dressed up - and didn’t they look smart! 
We opted to have a formal photograph taken even though the cost is quite horrific, but a nice memento of our trip we thought justified the expense and of the six photographs taken, we selected two. ($59.90...) 
After the pics, we headed to the theatre for the “Rock City” show.  Great colourful costumes and the six dancers/singers put on a great show, backed by the orchestra.  Stand out act?  The coloured girl’s Tina Turner impersonation.  The show was only an hour and as it starts 9:45pm, giving late diners time to plough through their 4 course meal and coffee from their 7:45pm start.  On then to the Atrium for Alana and brother Alan’s spot and  a little bit of dancing.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY May 27th/28th – at sea

Not a lot of improvement with either sleep or pain relief and to cap that, I was a bit off colour altogether on the Sunday, so retreated to the cabin for most of each day. 
It didn’t stop the dance class or Trivia attendance though...  After a hearty breakfast Saturday (eggs Benedict) we booked a couple of Princess Tours for Athens and Paris and are on a wait list for Istanbul.  Many tours were sold out before boarding, so our advice would be to book early via the cruise personaliser  as you can cancel up to about 24 hours before anyway. 
Dance was a continuation of the waltz with a revision then a new easy step we didn’t know before, so that was productive. 
The buffet at lunch time seems to have a set theme each day in a separate area and today’s was Italian.  Pity, as by then I was struggling and just had glasses of their lemonade. The afternoon trivia was our best score yet at 16/20  but the winners got 19 – and we managed the answer they got wrong! 
After dinner, another (new) show by the talented boys, Lion’s Den, but in our opinion, not quite as good as their first, only through possibly the choice of material, as there is nothing wrong with their voices.   Took a pain-killer....

Sunday was a write off for me as I felt terrible but we still managed the Trivia (15/20).  Meg gave me a Voltaren pain killer and we hopped into the spa at the rear of the ship and we lay on the sun beds before a nap and a late decision to wander to the buffet - where I didn’t eat much anyway!  Honest. 
Out to watch part of the movie on deck (Green Hornet) then to a brilliant accordionist Ross Maio.  A superb show with a great Andre Rieu selection and the funny of the night from Meg. 
Ross before playing the William Tell Overture he asked “Who did the Lone Ranger jump on?

Meg – at the top of her voice – “Tonto”....

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