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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A first day at sea - May 26th

Another painful and disturbed night – but at least the alarm clock had been silenced.  We had our official “Crazy Cruiser’s Meet & Greet” arranged by Anne, in the Jammer’s nightclub at 9am.  A bit early for some so we grabbed  a yoghurt and a juice first, but we had about 65 people attend and part way through, we were joined by the popular Canadian Captain, Todd McBain and three of his senior staff.  Very impressive.  So we gave them “Crazy Cruiser” name tags.


Garry (I presume) had organised some “Bloody Legend Award” certificates and the first three were presented to Anne for organising the meets, Joanne for her tireless work in arranging tours and yours truly for the name tags. Very impressive as they were framed!


After a quick photo session it was back to the buffet for a real breakfast.  We are always going to get the basics in the hot buffet with one or two changing dishes.  One of my favourites was the corned beef hash.  On offer always are scrambled eggs, freshly cooked fried eggs to order and for those of us who prefer poached, one of the many kitchen staff simply takes your order and appears a minute later with your eggs.  For those who watched the UK Master Chef when they worked on a cruise ship, you will know that they are pre-cooked and dropped into iced water well before service and are then simply scooped out and dropped into boiling water again to warm them through.


Bacon fans have the choice of real bacon as we know it – mainly the meaty part  - or the crispy overdone American style where they use the streaky off cuts.  Around the corner between the two buffet stations, there is a fresh waffle station.


Once late breakfast was out of the way it was a rush off to the first beginner’s dance class taken by Alana.  I think that even she was surprised at the turnout but she coped extremely well and managed to teach the majority, the basic cha-cha step, plus a shoulder to shoulder and the New Yorker.  Very witty and entertaining as well as a solid hour’s workout.


Back then for a shower and a natter up on deck for an hour or so as the weather started to improve significantly, before a late lunch.


Then the first Trivia session.  A gang of us ended up in three teams and I had to leave before the scores were totalled for an appointment with the acupuncturist for what was booked initially as half an hour but took an hour.  $164  lighter in the spending money and I realised then just how good our regular acupuncturist really is.  (Hi Nina.) Was I impressed?  Not really.  Why?  A bit short on the diagnostic and analytical skills I have come to expect.


Dinner at 7:45pm for the first time at our correct table and we had a full house of 10 – who had already met as we had made up our own table well in advance.  Other tables naturally enough had varying numbers of diners and a fair few empty spaces.  It is a bit tough for those on a table for 8 or 10 when several elect to eat every night at the buffet.  Maybe Princess should consider a table reallocation based on those who obviously prefer to use the main dining rooms?


Another good meal of course, this time, pea and ham soup, veal cordon bleu, followed by a Gran Marnier soufflé.  Methinks the chef must have swigged the Gran Marnier.  The  waiters are lightening fast and delays between courses are minimal so heading for a 9:45pm show afterwards was no problem.


Three talented Indonesian male singers who were excellent, backed by the Princess orchestra.  Afterwards to the Wheelhouse bar for a dance or two to  a good live 4 piece group then finally to the Atrium for yet more dancing with Alana, singing this time, whilst brother Alan played the piano.


We got to bed about 12:15 so you’ll probably understand why the blog updates are running a bit late – and still no photographs!


At least I managed to connect to the internet  and update the blog but when checking the emails, I still seem to be getting information on NZ dances, so if anyone from dancing in NZ is reading this, could you please tell Ian to knock us off the circulation list, as unfortunately, we won’t be there... 

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