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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 23 At sea - again - Dec 17th

Today started a new cruise on two counts.  Firstly, it was in the Princess system as a new cruise not a continuation and secondly, our Australian quizzers had gone!

Just for a change, we headed for morning trivia (we usually only do the afternoon session) to join Greg & Cathy who we’d met previously and are from Florida, plus Joe & Heather, also from the USA, though Heather is Canadian.  Our team name was “Trying for 10”, which gives you some idea of our expectations...  We managed 15/20 which was a good start, but not enough to win.

To the atrium for coffee and a real bonus.  Notwithstanding the sugar(s) in my coffee, I don’t normally go too much for the sweet stuff, but I do have a Princess chocolate doughnut addiction. I managed one delicious mini doughnut – but that was it.  First appearance and a suspicion it may also be the last.

After warming up on the deck, we headed to the aerobic studio for a talk by Phil, the fitness trainer on foot alignment.  Whether it was his convincing sales pitch or brilliant presentation, we are not sure, but after seeing our own footprints and the slight alignment needed, the money saved from cancelling the Port Douglas trip ended up spent on hard plastic inserts for our footwear!  Expensive, but we do have to look after our feet.

Afternoon trivia was a less impressive 11/20 – but at least we reached our target.  We stayed and chatted to Greg & Cathy for a long time, then dressed up for one of the two formal nights.  Anytime dining and back to the Santa Fe dining room where we were seated promptly as a ‘honeymoon table for two’.  Did we miss our table companions?  Sure did. After a show in Explorers (another repeat artist) and a coffee, we retired, not at all sure whether or not this leg is going to be anything more than a pleasant way to get home with Paula’s carving!

The good news is that at least we are not assailed by fag smoke from next door... Melbourne tomorrow, one of our favourite cities but as it is Sunday, hopefully somewhere will be open.

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