Why are we blogging?

We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 19- Airlie Beach - Dec 13th

Another tender port with nothing planned, so we had our usual leisurely start to the day.  Although over the worst, it was obviously going to be  a slow return to normality so we went down to the atrium quite late and just walked straight onto a tender after the initial rush.  A very warm dockside welcome and a free shuttle showed that the locals appreciated the arrival of 2,700 passengers plus crew as potential spenders. Once on the coach the rain came down.  Oh boy, did it rain!
We arrived at Airlie beach to find cars up to their axles in rain water but the rain stopped just as we stepped off the coach and the sun returned.  This is  another small settlement well known to several of our group but with not a lot to offer the casual callers such as ourselves.  We did no more than wander up the main street looking later for refreshments and were charged a rather steep $8.95 each for a smoothie.  Nice drink, but a ridiculous price.
We were back on board about 3:30pm ready for an evening meal at one of the paid restaurants on board  - Sabatinis.  Our usual dining room round table conversation wasn’t as easy on the long table.  Our waiter was very informative and we had a very pleasant evening, but once again, I am not sure that the $20 surcharge is justified, bearing in mind the quality and range of the normal dining room food.  The soft shell crab might have appeared to be exotic, but my palate is so stuffed that I couldn’t really taste it anyway, but even so, not a dish that I would bother with again. My lobster trio dish was nice enough, but I felt it was a bit lacking in accompaniments (vegetables etc.) created especially for the dish.  Once the bright lobster shell had been removed, there wasn’t too much left on the plate. Plain steamed veg were offered but I think that something with a bit more zizz would be more appropriate.  A great evening though as our table always enjoys itself.  One of the high points of the cruise is the look of sheer amazement on Barb’s face as she encounters so many new aspects to cruising.  I think she is hooked too.
We watched Chris Cable (clarinet and sax) who we’d seen on the Dawn.  Must have been good as I even bought his CD!
Trying to email on line, the signal dropped out twice... Very frustrating.  A common problem with this cruise has been internet access, with so many passengers (and at night, crew), the system seems unable to cope.  When even the oldies have internet access, the majority of passengers now use the facility.
Two sea days to follow now then we say a very sad farewell to our great Australian table companions, but we know that (if not before) we’ll see them all in 2013.  Seems a long time ahead.  
Sorry about the ongoing long delays in posting and updating.  I think this blog may well be finished back in Auckland at the rate we are going!  My brothers have enquired whether or not I was still a) on board or b) alive...


Pamela Ryan said...

Late or not, I'm still enjoying your blog!

Pam Ryan

Ray and Paula said...

Thanks. Back home now but I'll carry on with Sydney to Auckland - eventually...