Why are we blogging?

We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Away again in a few days!

This cruising lark is getting addictive!  We had booked Singapore to Sydney Nov 27th to December 16th, on the Diamond Princess, not long after we returned to NZ, but as we hadn’t invited any friends to Christmas dinner, nor had we received any invites (all say aaah!), a few days ago, we opted to stay onboard, so now we spend Christmas Day in Akaroa (Christchurch), followed by Wellington and Tauranga, where we may well meet family and friends, before landing back in Auckland, just 15 minutes from home and without those tiresome airport queues.


I am not at all sure that I can keep up the daily blog again, but with a different (and newer) ship, at least we’ll enjoy that experience.


For those who read the earlier blog, my shoulder is now well on the way back to normality having had an injection for bursitis and weekly or twice weekly physio treatments.


Our cruise director for this trip is once again, Warren Smith, but apart from Warren on the staff, we have no idea who we’ll be meeting again other than Colin & Jude, Ros and Arnold, from our original dining table.  It really does make it so much better knowing at least a few people before boarding.  This time, we have the any-time dining option, so it should be interesting to see how that works out, as the second sitting dining before, was a highlight of the day, chatting to such great friends and catching up with what everyone had been doing.


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