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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 101 Last sea day, many farewells... Sept 3rd

Day 101
The last full day on board and time for all sorts of finals was kick-started with celebration - for the Kiwis - as having won the first NZ vs Australia bowls test and lost the second, it all came down to the wire for the third.  The atrium had been suitably decorated with flags and balloons and the atmosphere was as you'd expect for a trans Tasman match. Every end was accompanied by cheers and applause but Paula and I unfortunately failed to live up to earlier glories and bowled atrociously.  However, at 11 all with two ends to play, the Kiwis won the first, so a draw was a distinct possibility and on the very last bowl, John bowled for the Kiwis and the bowl just fell over on the jack, so NZ won 13-11.  Thanks to Logan (cruise staff) who has really found his niche as an excellent organiser of these competitions.  His afternoon on-going putting competition throughout the ship has been a triumph of Mini Golf, with stairs to be negotiated, plus tables, chairs, glass doors, plus a few fake trees and lakes.  Watching the players, many are obviously keen golfers, but it is a great leveller.
My last (mini) chocolate doughnut and a coffee before dance class.  Once again, this wasn’t normal as Alana and Lee presented a few more special awards to various people for their assistance and/or improvement. The dancers also presented  Alana with a gift and Kev was our spokesperson - without handbag.  We then practiced a few ‘moves’ for a demo at the tea dance later in the day.
Paula and I had to shoot off early to the Crazy Cruiser lunch where even Chief Purser Angus was presented with a “Bloody Legends” award.  Angus and his staff had been fantastic in assisting Joanne and others with getting their groups off the ship quickly for their private tours, rather than waiting until all the Princess tours had left.
The internet was so busy that I couldn’t get on but after the tea dance, we rolled into the quiz for the last time.
We had a tough decision to make.  Our last meal with our wonderful table or Alan & Alana’s second “Sherlock Holmes Radio Mystery show”.
We nipped up to the Horizon Court and found that the wonderful veal rack was the carvery joint of the day, so it wasn’t difficult to ask for the piece with the bone in!  It needed a little bit of extra time on the griddle but was then perfect.
Having seen the first Sherlock show, there was no way we were missing the second and all seats in the Vista lounge were filled way before the start.  Tough timing as 8pm is second sitting meal time.  A brilliant show and for future cruisers offered one of these Alan penned specials, a must see.
We then shot off to the dining room in time for dessert and coffee so we managed (hopefully!) to not upset anyone.      
Back again to the atrium evening for the last time and also the last coffee.  Plenty of farewells, including the lovely Veronica & Rita, whose parting words to me were, “Keep travelling”...
We then called into Jammer’s night club to say farewell to Lee.  We found him along with Cruise Director Warren and his assistant Dave (newly promoted to Cruise Director) being presented with pizzas...
Dave & Warren front the daily breakfast show on TV and whilst some think it is a bit juvenile, (some think it is a LOT juvenile..) we are fans, as are the others on our table.  Warren has to deal with complaints and adverse comments about the entertainment/cruise staff, justified or otherwise and I can feel for him, as some of the negative comments really are pathetic.  No one likes criticism and especially when it isn’t really justified and these guys really do have to deal with a load of rubbish from some passengers. So, we’d like it placed on record that we think all the cruise staff do a tremendous job and whilst we obviously have our favourites, a couple have grated a wee bit with us, but that is our problem. Well done team and we look forward to catching up with you in the future – Warren, Dave, Lee, Bex, Josh, Logan, Barbara etc.
Drat, last night on board until July 27th 2012...  At the moment... 


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