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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Monday, August 15, 2011

Days 81 & 82 with Ros on a roll - August 13/14th

Well, just three weeks to go now.  With news of snow in Auckland (a very rare occurrence) the prospect of returning home has taken a hammering!  Paula claims we should probably stay on the ship until the weather improves.

To speed up the morning bowls, today was ladies vs. men rather than the usual knockout.  Mal & I, with our customary gentlemanly demeanour, allowed the ladies to win our match.  Back to knock out on day 2 and Paula and I at least got through the first round but not the second.

Dance class was a revision of the Argentine Tango and also the Disco Samba we’d missed a couple of days ago and for day 2, a revision of the jive.  All pleasant ways to spend an hour or two when not eating or drinking coffee or simply reading and doing Sudoku or blogging.

Ros continued her winning streak by putting in a rare appearance at the big Bingo session, where the pot had to go. A winning line was enough to add to her kitty for the week and she kindly offered to treat us all to a meal in the Sterling Steakhouse, just after the Los Angeles stop.

Garry and Joanne sneaked off to the steakhouse anyway for a romantic evening for tow.  The rest of the table plus Paul & Linda opted to avoid the dress up for formal night.  Our poor waiter Watchara had nothing to do, so he escaped from the deck 5 dining room to see where we were and found us on deck 8 eating pizza!

As is usual on formal nights, we had a show to go to.  Paula and I went off to see “Piano Man”.  Always an enjoyable hour in the theatre.

Night two we went to see the comedian, an American called “Al Katz”. There are three distinct type of comedian so far.  The joke tellers who inevitably tell us jokes that most of us have heard before, (some rather better than others); the monologue/life experience comedians (Billy Connolly/Jasper Carrott type humour) and lastly, the type who are totally off the wall and unpredictable, such as the brilliant David Copperfield.  Al Katz belongs in the second group and was excellent.

Our quiz score on day two was a stunning 18/20, but not enough to win.  However, the winners were next to us and turned down the (Belgian) champagne (sic), in favour of small individual prizes and passed over the bubbly to us.  We may need to acquire enough orange juice to dilute it.  It is a standing joke on the ship that the Champagne is anything but a top quality drink.

Alan and Alana did their usual bit in the atrium, but quite a few have an early start in the morning, so the numbers were down on normal. That didn’t stop the regulars and I was bullied into doing the Gypsy Tap and the Palma Waltz - badly.  By the time I have followed the couple in front and remembered it, it was all over.

Clocks back yet again tonight.  Still no reading glasses so a visit to Wal-Mart tomorrow is on the cards. LA is a major port and a much heralded stop on the cruise, yet we sail away at 5pm and with face to face interviews for ALL passengers, some won’t even get off the ship until 11am, so they have very little time on shore.  Those booked on Princess tours get priority as do disembarking passengers, then it goes by deck, starting at deck 11 and finishing off with those on deck 5. We are scheduled for an 8:25am call.     


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