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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 89 - We are waving... August 21st

As anticipated, the internet is slow (and/or busy) at the moment so no idea when this will get uploaded. We didn’t leave Hawaii until about 1:30am but rumour has it that there were passengers still ashore drinking and had to be rounded up!  We have heard of one family who never stagger out of bed until not much before midday, then complain they can’t get a drink in the middle of the night...  (Smokers too.)

Paula was woken when the ship left and she probably wasn’t the only one, as the sea was anything but calm.  During the night and most of the day, the wave height was no less than 11.5 feet which is about 3.5m in new money. The ship was rocking fore and aft AND side to side, and it is a weird feeling when you are lying down and feel that at any moment, you are going to be tipped out of bed.  Rumour has it that Viagra sales have increased.

Morning bowls was interesting as rank amateurs won – beating many talented exponents of the game.  Early coffee and chocolate doughnut for us as my form continues to decline.  Goodness knows how bad our badminton will be by the time we pick up the rackets.

Dance class was another New Vogue – the “Mayfair Quickstep”.  Chatting to Alana later (much later!) she said that before last year’s World Cruise, she had never danced New Vogue at all, but having done some research, found that it was very popular in Australia and NZ so she swotted up and incorporated it into her programme last year.  The total professional.  The interesting thing is that the range of dances the Australian’s know is vast.  Our previous knowledge seems limited to the competition dances only.  The fact that some couples may know up to 50 dances is mind boggling, as it means that in any given venue or dance, you probably have several couples electing to do different dances!

Of those we haven’t been taught, the “Chicago Swing” (danced to “The Charleston”) looked good, but not too difficult, so Paula was easily persuaded onto the floor and taught it at night by one of the other regulars.  Nice people.  Nicer still that we know already of 6 couples doing the pacific Cruise next year - three of them are the regular evening dancers.

Lunch in the buffet was a “Pâté & Cheese” special and I never got further than the delicious pâté!

Being a busy sea day, the afternoon was a bit of internet catch up time and reading for me, a film for Paula, before our quiz. Another excellent 17/20 - but no win.

The evening dining room menu was “American”, but not the huge portions... I ate off the standard menu apart from the corn chowder.

We just made it to the Atrium in time for Alan’s music quiz and joined two others we hadn’t met before.  Small world yet again.  He is a director of Pukekohe Park raceway, runs an E type Jaguar, an MGB and an MG TF.  We finished equal second.  Afterwards, we spent a bit of time talking to Alan & Alana and DJ Lee.  Alan & Alana have some wonderful cruise stories to tell.

Quotes of the day at the dinner table, (when discussing men’s bravado regarding a successful BBQ).

“No point in me buying expensive cuts of meat for the BBQ, as Arnold will probably burn it anyway...”

“Garry hates to be disturbed by people talking to him whilst he is cooking and drinking, as he remembers to drink, but not to cook...”     

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