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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 67 - Relaxing in the sun - and smoke... July 30th

For our last day in Nottingham, we had a pleasant but odd sort of a day.  After a good night’s sleep (for a change!) but just before the first coffee of the day, I decided to walk to the tiny local post office to convert some currency, but when I arrived, there were about 12 people in the queue, presumably doing their car registrations, so I returned to a decent coffee instead. Part of our day was going to be at Stewart’s BBQ sometime between noon and 3pm.  The previous evening he had rung Dave for a wire brush to clean up the grille and sure enough, there was another call this morning, asking if he had any BBQ tools and a carving knife!
Before heading there, we visited the family grave at the local cemetery, as I couldn’t remember where the tiny headstone was. (We want to replace it.)  In typical OSH (Occupational Health & Safety) style, the powers that be had moved through the large cemetery identifying headstones deemed dangerous.  They presumably attach a measuring device to the headstone and if it fails the ‘wobble test’, they push it over, so it looked more like a scene from a lads drunken orgy of vandalism than a place of quiet respect. Right outside there is a council road sign set so low, that even someone of my modest height could quite easily gash their head on it if they were either visually impaired or not looking upwards.  The irony of the sign itself wasn’t lost either and I was tempted to change the “H” to a “B”.
Probably the worst thing about the city now is the proliferation of ‘speed bumps’ on so many roads.  Put quite simply, if the speed limit is 30mph (50kph), why do they put in so many obstacles that need you to almost come to a standstill?  Surely, the idea is to slow traffic to 30mph, not 5mph?  The excessive fuel consumption, traffic delay and suspension damage, not to mention discomfort to passengers and extra pollution doesn’t seem to make much sense at all.
We dived into a local store and emerged with a set of BBQ tools, a carving knife and a metal brush as useful gifts for Stewart.   On then to the BBQ.  I suppose we have all got so used to our gas fired BBQs, we have forgotten what it was like, fanning charcoal and smoking out the guests!  The somewhat difficult dynamics of ex wife/husband who do not speak, was dealt with, with just a small degree of tension, but Stewart and Manu wanted a ‘family photograph’ for Noah’s first birthday.
Sue cooked us a nice roast lamb dinner for our last night with them then Dave picked up my gift to him from Athens.  Seemed  like a good time to go for an hour’s walk afterwards,  enjoying the late evening sunshine, arriving back home about 9:30pm.  Our part of the City is the highest part of the county so an ideal spot for various towers, aerials and communications dishes.
Packing basically done and ready for the off to the Heathrow area tomorrow, after a meal with a very good friend from way back.  Meanwhile the cruisers have been to Bermuda and not disappeared into the triangle.  Thanks to Ros who found out that we are able to board 11am-12noon on Tuesday.  Needless to say, it will be nearer 11 than 12 for us...   Then we can probably get off again and enjoy Fort Lauderdale and look forward to catching up with everyone at dinner.  All we have to worry about now is the likely state of Paula’s arm after a 9 hour flight.
Next blog will be from the ship.  

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