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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 60 - Two thirds through five sixths of a World Cruise - July 23rd

We all seemed to wake with the same comment – the bed quilts were too warm!  I was up early and whilst it was quiet, tried to catch up with the blogs as Wi-Fi is included in the rental. (Quite why Four Points Sheraton and most hotels we have stayed in recently, have to charge, I am not too sure.)  A coffee early on and a late shower, by which time youngest brother Malc arrived, having driven up from the South Coast (Bournemouth) that morning, setting off at 5:30am, with a just a five minute cuppa stop on the way. Needless to say, by the time I was out of the shower, he had a cup of tea in his hand. I am known as the one always looking for food, but with Malc, it is a case of a cuppa every hour, probably on the hour.
We went with Malc for a pleasant walk to the on-site Village Square, to sus out the store stock and just reacquaint ourselves with the layout and options.  The ten pin bowling alley is lit with a mix of attractive blue lighting and dayglo colours and from here, you can peek into the ‘tropical island paradise’ water centre, protected from the elements and with a 75 degrees (F) constant temperature.  This is one of the reasons the place is so popular as rain, shine or snow, you can go for a pleasant swim, including a run down the rapids that start outside, spa pools, wave pool, tubes and two or three kiddie pools.
On the way back we passed the artificial beach alongside the lake and debated whether or not we’d try the Pancake House.  Not this time...  The park is well known for encouraging and nurturing nature so it is quite normal to see rabbits and grey squirrels even though they could both be deemed pests!  We came across a swan family that may be a bit depleted as there was only the one youngster this time.  We also passed the new expensive to rent,  ‘tree houses’ (Kiwis and Australians take these for granted as pole houses - but we haven’t seen inside...).
Back at the unit, it was ‘Frisbee’ time, that reminded us that we must look up the origins.  When at scout camps many years ago, we used to play ‘plate golf’.  This consisted of using your tin dinner plates and aiming for tent pegs placed around the site.  Goldfinger’s ‘Oddjob’ might have done quite well, or maybe the Korean Scouts also played it?  Thinking back, it is  a wonder that a fair few scouts weren’t decapitated either.  Just to make it more interesting, we placed an outdoor chair on top of a table and aimed through either the legs or the back slots, hence the studies in concentration!
As our unit was close to the golf driving range, we wandered up (though the others turned their backs on the photographer...) and paid for two part buckets of balls (£1 for 20). We didn’t do well at times as we were a bit rusty.  Paula struggled with her arm. I don’t think I did mine too much good either.   
 BBQ time! Have you ever tried trying to make tasty BBQ food when you don’t have a full cupboard of ingredients to choose from?  We managed adequate food, though, cooked on the gas BBQ and a relaxing and rare full family evening meal.  With the complimentary bottle of wine opened, we toasted our late parents, as it was their legacy that paid for the accommodation.
Note to the ladies.  This part of the legacy was from the EBay proceeds of what most would consider junk, that Dad had accumulated, such as Morse keys, old computer games etc.!  Stewart wiped the floor with all comers at pool.  I think I got in about five shots and he cleared the table...  Early bed again.   

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