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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Monday, June 27, 2011

At sea again for day 33

After Petra and the walking, many were extremely glad of a sea day to relax, or in some cases, catch up with the laundry.  The Petra sand was everywhere so all our clothes went into the wash, though Paula opted to use the wash basin in our bathroom. We chose our travelling clothes very carefully on the basis first of all on colour co-ordination, then ease of laundry.  We chose well as hanging the washing out on our balcony has meant no ironing at all.  We took a length of string from home and simply put  a couple loops over one of the pipes on which we put the hangers.

Oh, such excitement.  I bet you are all so jealous...

My cutting back on food a wee bit went awry this morning.  Plenty of fruit – healthy.  Drink of hot water with lemon and honey – healthy.  Chocolate topped ring doughnut, very fresh  – delicious....  Healthy?  Fort the mind definitely.

As someone who rarely suffers aches and pains after badminton, I was somewhat surprised that my upper calves were a bit tight for the day, so dance class was fortunately a revision one.  Anyway, the Vista lounge gets quite crowded due to the popularity so most of the time, you can’t step it out anyway.

Paula went to the port lecture on one of the Italian stops, whilst I moved the images from the camera cards to the computer and did the blog.  I also shuffled Megan’s pics on to her computer. IN spite of several reminders, she hasn’t adjusted the times on her camera so as she wanted the date printing on her pics, half her Petra pics will show that she was there June 25th (correct) and the other half will show June 26th!

It may be a pain adjusting the cameras and computer just about every two days, but it does make photo sorting later a much easier task – especially when you want to mix images from other people into your collection.

The lunch buffet had a Mexican theme but at 1:45 when we opted to eat, it was just about over but more spicy prawns from the main buffet went down well.

Trivia is anything but trivial to one or two people who have complained to the cruise director that two presenters should be dropped.  Their complaints were totally unfounded and we are now part of the unofficial Barbara and Robert supporters club, so when Barbara announced that she was doing the trivia, a big cheer from our corner.  (With Robert, Barbara has hatched a wonderful response to these whingers, so we’ll report on that when it happens.

Another formal night – and the lads opted to wear their Arab headgear – and had a formal group photograph taken.  In picture 4, Garry is displaying a nudie ‘Birdie.   Lobster tails again and Joanne requested a first course of salad – with lobster, with lobster and the baked monkfish for her main.  Pics should show the difference in entry size between hers and my baked clams (they were minced and quite disappointing.  Our waiter (Watchara) decided his assistant (Neil) also needed a hat, so he made him one.  Waiters wear a long sleeved jacket, assistants just have a waistcoat...  

To the theatre for another stage show “Vegas”.  This time with the orchestra.  Nice costumes and another pleasant show.

We weren’t up to dancing afterwards as we were both a bit snuffly and my calves needed a rest.

Overnight, we approach the Suez canal and pass through during tomorrow, to end up in Port Said about 6pm. From then on, our days will more often than not be in ports, with a total of just 5 sea days before we hit Dover July 17th.  We’ll just have to pace ourselves.  

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