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We thoroughly enjoyed the blogs from those on the World Cruise 2010. They were so useful and some were also very entertaining and so we we started our own, late 2010, ready for the 2011 cruise(s).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another day at sea - Day 15

Although the clocks keep going back 1 hour, we still seem to be struggling to fit everything into each day.  After three days of early starts and snack breakfasts, a sea day at least gives you the chance to enjoy the first meal of the day.  Unfortunately, today was a big breakfast, followed by a Crazy Cruisers lunch ( see the pic of the enormous double mustard chicken...) and of course the normal 4 course evening meal. Even this was followed by a massive and magnificent evening sweet/chocolate buffet on deck during the “White Hot Party” night, though we were very good and resisted temptation.

Back to the morning where we attended the port lecture for the first time.  Although we made it to the theatre a good 10-15 minutes early, the theatre was packed to hear Debbie’s excellent lecture on our next stop, the Indian port of Kochi, or Kochin (it means "like China").  This was a brilliantly presented and well balanced lecture with no attempt whatever to try and sell a Princess tour.  A full house and an appreciative audience.

We bumped into Ros & Arnold in the corridor afterwards and headed for the Horizon Court – but not for more food.  There are numerous coffee stations around the ship where you can purchase a reasonably decent cup of coffee and there was no queue, unlike the Atrium Patisserie which always seems to be crowded.

Almost straight after, it was to the lunch where Helen received her “Legend” certificate.  Roger got another mention for sitting at a dining table and wondering where his companions were.  Right table, wrong floor...

Trivia was hopeless – 9/20, but the winners didn’t fare much better. Afterwards, a stroll right around the promenade deck (number 7) with Garry & Joanne.  Norm & Marion who were lounging around anyway, claimed that our lap time was pathetic and just about the slowest ever, so we went for another ‘lap’, but out of sight of them, we cut through from one side of the ship to the other and reappeared striding it out, but I don’t think they really believed we’d done a full lap, despite the faked breathlessness.

We dressed up in white for dinner, ready for the “White Hot” party.  Whilst the Duck pate was my first choice of appetizer, Anthea bravely tackled the snails in garlic.  The second course choice of French onion soup was filling (but most enjoyable) and I opted for the lobster pasta for a main.  Very nice too.  The souffl√© is a regular on the dessert menu and as the only hot choice, although billed as different flavours, they are a little too bland, but nice enough.

Birdie made a reappearance at the deck party but it was a bit loud.  Several really did get into the modern dancing and when last seen on the big screen, when we retired, after rehydrating with a lemonade in the Horizon court, Malcolm looked as though he was in a sauna and probably lost the weight I should have done.

Another sea day tomorrow and the clocks go back yet another hour.  Life is good.  A great table and lots of laughs – even the staff get into the swing of it.  Maurizio has threatened to split us up after Dubai so that we can lift the humour of the other tables.  No way!!!!

Postscript: We had an email to say that Paula may well be a grandma again, courtesy of Dave & Erica who are just away to the USA for a couple months, touring in the Chev Corvette they purchased last year in Fort Lauderdale.   

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